Earth Day 2014

Attention Earth People!
It is Earth Day and all of our ingredients are sourced exclusively from this planet here. But seriously folks, take a moment to consider what you are doing for the Earth and, by extension, for yourself and your family. Despite reports that scientists may have discovered an earth “cousin”, this is the only planet we’ve got. Even though we have a chance of rain this week, we are in a major drought. The City of Petaluma has some resources to help you save water like replacing your toilet for a low flow model (they have really improved lately) or installing low flow faucets on your sinks and a low flow shower head in your bathroom. Maybe you can switch out some light bulbs for energy efficient LED lights. Are you recycling, composting, maybe getting rid of your lawn? If you can’t do something today, do it tomorrow. Every day should be Earth Day. And every day is a good day to eat pies made from local and organic ingredients at your local pie shop. Walk, bike or take the bus on down…

For more images of the Earth, visit NASA’s Visible Earth website.

image of the planet earth from above

Earth from above.

Friday is Pie Day April 18th

Hey Everybody, it’s Friday, which is ALWAYS pie day. The Easter Bunny is on his way and he’s hungry for PIE! Maybe you and your family are hungry for pie as well. We are getting a lot of orders for Sunday, so if you are looking for a special pie for Easter, you should get your order in or just settle for jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.

We just so happen to be flush with fresh asparagus from the pie garden, so you can order a Roasted Asparagus Quiche! If you need something with bacon, we’ve got you covered as well, but you will need to order ahead!

fresh asparagus

Passover, lunar eclipse, taxes.

Hey Everybody! It’s Passover and we have Matzo Ball Soup. You can even pick up a pie. Don’t worry, it’s unleavened! Need to stay up late to do your taxes or watch the ‘Blood Moon’ lunar eclipse? Grab a cup of our powerful and tasty cold brewed iced coffee or some nice green tea and, of course, pie.
lunar eclipse

Passover Seder


Friday is Pie Day April 11

Strawberry Rhubarb PieHey Everybody, it’s Friday again! And that means it is pie day once again. It is going to be a beautiful weekend. Join Petaluma Pie, Food Bar, Speakeasy and Aces Over Eights Tattoo Saturday April 12 from 1-4 for Putnam Plaza Presents: The Dan McGee Three The Dan McGee Three is a Santa Rosa based jazz trio featuring Dan McGee on bass, Sandy Feldhorn on flute, saxophone & percussion and Tom McIntyre on guitar.

Watching the Giants? Surely you’ll need pie for that. Did you ever notice how round pies are the same shape as baseballs? Going on a hike or a picnic? Pies are portable and give you the energy you need to climb the highest heights! Doing your taxes? Pie helps you focus on numbers!

Beat the heat!

Wow, we seem to have jumped straight into summer for the moment. If you find yourself needing something cold and refreshing, come on down for a Strawberry Cream Pie,  Cold Brewed Iced Coffee A La Mode, Iced Tea, Sody Pop and more! How about Strawberry Rhubarb Pie A La Mode? Need something hot? No problem. We’ve got our usual selection of hot savory pies and you can cool it down with a salad on the side.

iced coffe a la mode at petaluma pie company, a farm to table bakery cafe in historic downtown petaluma, sonoma county, northern california, chicken country

Pie of the day is CAKE!

That’s right, folks, the pressure has been too much for us. Everyone always asking if we have cake, when we are clearly a pie shop. We have finally broken down and made  the cake people have been clamoring for… So come in out of the rain and get a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cider and a steaming hot slice of cake!

eat pie not cake

Our newest pie is cake!

In fact, we are soon going to be replacing all of our pies with cakes. We have a whole line of sweet and savory cakes in the works.

Don’t be an April Fool! Eat pie instead of cake – EVERY DAY!

Looks Like Rain

Thankfully we have been getting more rain and it looks like we will have more coming this week! If you find it to be chilly and dreary, warm up with pie and soup, hot chocolate, tea, coffee and more!chicken pot pie with salad

Mmmm... Tcho Hot Chocolate!

Mmmm… Tcho Hot Chocolate!