Wednesday’s Menu

We finally made the curry pie!

Wednesday December 29
Savory Pies
Pot Pies $6.50
• Broccoli Fiscalini Cheddar Pot Pie $6.50

Hand Pies $3.75
• Japanese Curry Vegetable!
• Smoked Salmon with Potatoes, Capers and Leeks

Soup and Salad
Side Salad add $1.50
Salad Plate $3.95
Cream of Mushroom $3.95

Sweet Pies  $3.75/slice  $18/whole
Banana Cream
Chocolate Pudding
Pear Ginger Cardamom

A La Mode (Straus Ice Cream) $1.50

Matcha (Green Tea) Chocolate Whoopie Pie $3.50

Soda $2.50
Beer $4.50 glass
Wine: DeLoach Pinot Noir $6 glass
Parducci Sustainable Red or White  $6.50 glass

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