Attention Coconut Lovers!

We have a new coconut variation for you today. We are calling it Coconut Heaven. The pie makes its own crust and is kind of like a creamy macaroon. On top is a whipped cream made from coconut milk. We are working on a vegan coconut pie with this topping as well.  How many vegans out there are into coconut?

5 responses to “Attention Coconut Lovers!

  1. i’m not vegan but i am lactose intolerant, so i’m a big fan of creamy things made creamy with coconut milk =o)

    • Can you handle butter? Tomorrow we will have a coconut cream pie, but the crust has some butter in it. Soon a completely non-dairy coconut cream pie will be available for you.

      • i can handle butter – just not regular milk or cheese. i’ll try to get back up there soon to try the coconut cream pie!

  2. had the yummy banana cream pie today – heavenly…

  3. and thanks for creating delicious non-dairy options!

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