February 16th

Today in 2005 the Kyoto Protocols went into effect, while the US is a non-party to the treaty, you can still reduce your carbon footprint by eating locally! It is also Dear Leader Kim Jong Il’s birthday. Apparently he is concerned about the corrupting influence of Choco-Pie. While we don’t have the South Korean

Choco-Pudding-Pie made with Askinosie Chocolate. Yum!

Choco-Pie for you, we do have Chocolate Pudding Pie. And our menu follows…

Savory Pies
Hand Pie  3.60
• Jamaican Beef Patties (made with local grass fed beef)
• Mixed Mushroom with Onion and Goat Gouda
• Cheddar and Local Onion

Pot Pie  3.60
• broccoli and Cheddar
• Broccoli, Local Ham, and Cheddar

Side of Mixed Organic Greens 1.50 / A Plate of Mixed Organic Greens  3.95
Side of Homemade Organic Carrot Pickles add .50

Soup du Jour
•  White Bean and Swiss Chard Stew (vegan and wheat free)

Sweet Pies
18/whole  4.00/Mini
Slices/3.75 * sold only when mini pie is not available

A La Mode add (Straus Ice Cream) add 1.50

Rhubarb Pie • Pink Lady Apple Pie • Apple Cheddar Turnover
Apple Rhubarb Turnover  • Banana Cream Pie • Chocolate Pudding Pie
Tangerine Pie • Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie

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