Menu: Sunday, March 13

Savory Pies
Hand Pie  3.60
• Mince and Onion (Grass-fed Ground Beef) 
• Cheese and Onion
• Spinach

Brunch Pot Pie  
• Local Ham ‘n’ Eggs and Cheese
•Organic Spinach ‘n’ Eggs and Cheese

Pot Pie Pie (available in the afternoon)
• Nebrodini Bianco Mushroom Pot Pie with Peas, Carrots and Onions

Side of Mixed Organic Greens 1.50 / A Plate of Mixed Organic Greens  3.95
Side of Homemade Organic Carrot Pickles add .50

Soup du Jour
• Minestrone Soup

Sweet Pies
18/whole  4.00/Mini
Slices/3.75 * sold only when mini pie is not available
A La Mode add (Straus Ice Cream) add 1.50

Lime Pie • Rhubarb Pie • Walnut Pie • Banana Cream • Chocolate Pudding • Peanut Butter Pie •  Pink Lady Apple Pie • Coconut Coconut Cream
Shaker Meyer Lemon

Unless indicated in the menu, gluten-free or vegan pies requires ordering in advance.  We are not a gluten-free facility.

We make limited number of full size pies. We recommend ordering full size (savory or sweet) pie in advance.

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