Friday is Pie Day: Menu June 16

Open til 9 Friday and Saturday!

Wed-Thur 10-7 pm • Fri-Sat 10am-9 pm • Sun 10 am-6 pm

Savory Pies
Hand Pie  3.75
• Pie-sano 2.0 (Local Italian Sausage, Red Onions & Pesto)
• Organic Mushroom and Goat Gouda
• Organic Spinach, Local Cheese and Organic Onions

Mini Pot Pie 4.50
• Chana Masala (Spiced Chickpeas) Pot Pie


Side of Mixed Organic Greens 2.
A Plate of Mixed Greens  4.50

Sweet Pies
18/whole  4/Mini
A scoop of Straus Vanilla Ice Cream 2.00

Lemon Meringue • Apricot • Peach • Cherry($5) • Mixed Berry Pie • Strawberry Banana Cream • Chocolate Cream • Strawberry Rhubarb • Chocolate Fromage Blanc • Chocolate Cream • Coconut Cream

Blueberry Hand pie 3.75

We have Lagunitas IPA, Pils and Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale as well as DeLoach and Parducci wines for you to enjoy in our outdoor seating in Putnam Plaza.

We recommend ordering full-size pies in advance. Unless indicated in the menu, gluten-free,* sugar-free, or vegan pies require ordering in advance. Pie orders cheerfully accepted for birthdays, weddings and other special events. * We are not a gluten-free facility.

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