saturday july 2

It is Saturday and boy will it be a scorcher! Enjoy a cold beer, soda, iced tea or white wine with pie à la mode in the shade outside of our shop.

We will be in a hot kitchen making pie for your 4th of July festivities (and it is still not too late to order pie!). We WILL be open on the 4th but only until 3pm.

Wed-Thur 10-7 pm
Fri-Sat 10am-9 pm
Sun 10 am-6 pm

Savory Pies
Hand Pie  3.75
• Organic Mushrooms with Goat Gouda
• Organic Spinach & Organic Onions
• Cheeseburger Pie- Local Grass-Fed Beef and Local Organic Cheddar

Mini Brunch Pot Pie 4.50
• Ham ‘n’ Eggs
• Spinach ‘n’ Eggs
• Smoked Salmon and Fromage Blanc
Pot Pie  4.50
• Organic Chicken Pot Pie
• Side of Mixed Organic Greens 2.
• A Plate of Mixed Organic Greens  4.50

Sweet Pies
18/whole  4/Mini 3.75/Hand Pies
A scoop of Straus Vanilla Ice Cream 2.00

Apricot • Peach • Strawberry Rhubarb • Strawberry Blueberry Cream Pie •
Triple Berry Pie • Banana Cream • Lemon Meringue • Chocolate Cream • Coconut Cream • Peanut Butter • Almond Fromage Blanc
• Nectarine Blackberry

Hand Pies
Blueberry •Raspberry
We recommend ordering full-size pies in advance. Unless indicated in the menu, gluten-free,* sugar-free, or vegan pies require ordering in advance. Pie orders cheerfully accepted for birthdays, weddings and other special events. * We are not a gluten-free facility.

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