Friday is still Pie-Day…

..even if we waited until evening to post….We are open til 9 Friday and Saturday, you know and we do serve beer and wine.

Did you know we have online ordering now? You can order online for pickup at the store. We don’t deliver or ship (yet). Just visit and check it out. This (or calling in an order) is a great way to ensure you get that savory pie in the evening when we either get cleaned out or stop making them.

Since we now have the online ordering, we will not be posting our entire menu here on the blog, but we will post our specials here, along with pie related news and notes.  Specials won’t always be on the online menu, but you can just let us know you want a special instead of what is online.

Speaking of specials, we have a new wheat-free savory pie, Trumpet Mushroom Polenta. The polenta is made with a rich mushroom broth and red wine and topped with pine nuts, trumpet mushrooms and goat gouda. We should have this all weekend long.

Also on the wheat-free side is Chocolate Angel Cookies. These crispy and light meringue cookies literally melt in your mouth.
And finally, we are done with Nectarines for the year and we have just a small number of peaches to get us through the weekend. This is your last chance!

Also, as always, this weekend we will have brunch pies. We don’t make too many of these, so if you really, really need one, call ahead or order online!

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