Friday is Pie Day December 16th

Did you know there are less than ten days left til Christmas? Even fewer til Chanukah (get your eight pies from us!).  And Kwanzaa is right around the corner (starts December 26). We will be open Christmas eve until 7pm but closed on Christmas. Orders are already stacking up, so if you are still deciding which pie to get, it is time to make up your mind. To help you, we will have Mince Pies, Shaker Lemon, Shaker Orange Cranberry, Apple, Pear Ginger Cardamom and more for you today and this weekend.

You can order any of these pies online, in the store or on the phone. Also, you can give the gift of pie and let them decide which flavor(s) they like best with our handy dandy gift cards, available in any amount.

Give the Gift of Pie!

Also, remember, we still have delicious DeLoach Pinot Noir for only $3 a glass. Goes great with all pies! Come on down!

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