Friday Pie-Day Feb 17th

We are more than half-way through African American History Month. There are so many very important people to pay tribute to this month, but as a pie shop, we like to pay tribute to Abby Fisher, former slave and then San Francisco resident and author of  “What Mrs. Fisher Knows about Old Southern Cooking: Soups, Pickles, Preserves, Etc.,” We also would like to honor George Washington Carver, scientist, botanist, educator and inventor who is widely known for promoting the cultivation and many uses of the peanut and sweet potato.

The sweet potato is often confused with the yam, which did come from Africa, but the sweet potato is from the Americas. Sweet potato pie, however, is a gift from African Americans in the south adapting the British dessert, the pie. For more on the history of sweet potato pie, read this post and recipe by Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie. Did you know the modern pecan was invented by a slave named Anton? Find out more about it here.

It is also Presidents Day Weekend. Sorry, no cherry pie for George Washington (May-June for that) and the cherry tree chopping story was evidently a myth. Abraham Lincoln supposedly liked Pecan, Lemon Custard and/or Apple Pie. For sure, we will have pecan and apple and sweet potato.

One response to “Friday Pie-Day Feb 17th

  1. Tremendously educational! Really new, to me, info on pecans. Wow!
    Many thanx!

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