PI Day Is Just Around the Corner

Pi(e)ku 3.14 @ Copperfield’s Books Wednesday, March 14 3:14pm

Three Different Contests:

Memorize as many digits of the number pi as you can; the contestant who can write down the longest sequence of digits is the winner.


Write haiku about pi, or pie, or anything you please; just be sure to use the traditional format of three phrases of 5-7-5 syllables. (Contestants may write their haiku beforehand, but they must bring in a copy on the day of the event.)


Bake a pie! Sweet or savory, it’s up to you. (Please do not drop off pies before the event; they will be eaten!)

Happy pi Day!


Location: Copperfield’s Books,140 Kentucky St. Petaluma.

Date & Time: March 14, 3:14 pm

Contact: Grace Bogart: 707-762-0563 or gbogart@copperbook.com

4 responses to “PI Day Is Just Around the Corner

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  2. J. Roy Martinez

    Any specials for pi day?

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