pi(e) day- a good time was had by most

Wednesday was Pi Day and we had a great event at Copperfield’s Books. Lots of entries into the Pi(e)-Ku contest and the pi memorization contest. We even had one kid who could recite pi to seventy digits! Unfortunately for us, our oven decided to croak on pi day, so we had to scramble:(. Fortunately, our friends at the Seed Bank were kind enough to lend us a little oven they had for events. We have since gotten a brand new oven, so things are happy again in pie land. Copperfield’s own Grace Bogart hosted the festivities. Lots of great prizes were available including an apple pie with the pie symbol on it, gift certificates, Petaluma Pie T shirt and a bag and an apron with 3.14/PI.E (backwards 3.14) on them.

you could have already won!

Leticia Romo and Paula Houts from Circle Bank (get it? circle? 3.14?)were there with their roulette wheel (which only had the numbers 3 and 14) and lots of prizes.

If only one person had actually entered the pie baking contest, it would have been  an easy win! Maybe next time.

You could have won easily!

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