The Intersection of Pie and Film at Petaluma Arts Center

Join Lina (who you may know from our pie shop) as she presents three short films:

Leap of Faith: How Enmanji Buddhist Temple was Saved, shows how a group of students saved the Sebastopol Buddhist Temple during WWII
Caught in Between: What to call Home in Times of War Muslim and Japanese American communities revisit the dark days of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Interviews with former internees, their children, religious leaders, citizens and immigrants from Japanese and Muslim American communities are woven together to make crucial connections between then and the current “War on Terrorism.”
‘Hideko’, tells the story behind the filmmaker Lina Hoshino’s mother’s multiple name changes. This personal narrative gives a glimpse into the life of one woman who lived through the tumultuous years of political changes in Taiwan from Japanese occupation until the end of WWII and Chiang Kai Shek takeover of this small island nation after the war.
Hoshino’s story-telling style engages audiences with complex or contentious issues through her narrators’ experiences and her visual style. She has been making videos for 15 years. Lina is a Petaluma local who co-founded two organizations to link filmmakers and artists in communication projects: Tactile Pictures and Many Threads. She is also the co-proprietor of Petaluma Pie Company. Lina’s father is from Japan and her mother is from Taiwan. She grew up in the USA, Japan, and France and studied art at Carnegie Mellon. $10 donation – Bite Sized Pies from Petaluma Pie Company will be served
Tue, 04/17/2012
Petaluma Arts Center
230 Lakeville Street
Petaluma, CA 94952 (Map)
Presented By: Petaluma Arts Center
Presenter URL:

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