Taste of Sonoma 2012. A Good Time Was Had By All.

We were invited to participate in Taste of Sonoma at Sonoma Wine Country Weekend at MacMurray Ranch this past Saturday. This was a huge event with wineries and restaurants from all over the county. As you know, we are a very tiny shop and we had to provide enough tastes for this sold out event. We spent all week working on it and came with Roast Pork and Rhubarb Pies (baked at the event) with Rhubarb Ginger Chutney, Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade and Berry Pies (various flavors). We struggled to keep up and we kept up! Thanks to Hitomi and Charleen for coming to the event and staffing the table and thanks to Noah from the SRJC Culinary Program (and Zin Restaurant) for helping our station as well! Thanks to Hitomi for taking these pictures.

pork rhubarb pies, blueberry pies and strawberry rhubarb lemonade




Angelo and Noah at the Petaluma Pie table


Noah, Angelo and Charlene at the Petaluma Pie table



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