New Hours and What? Strawberry Rhubarb Pie?!?

First, we are changing our hours slightly. We will now be opening at 11 am Monday-Friday instead of 10 am. Our weekend hours remain the same. So now:
M-Th 11-7
Fri 11-9
Sat 10-9
Sun 10-6

Second, when our regular rhubarb supplier stopped having rhubarb, we declared it done for the season, but then we had a special request and checked the garden. These are relatively new plantings, so we wanted to take it easy, but once it gets cold enough, they will die back anyway. Since we still are getting strawberries (maybe one or two more weeks) we figured we would do a late rhubarb harvest and have a last hurrah. So it looks like we will have a limited supply of strawberry rhubarb pie for the next week (or two?). Also, triple berry is back (but for how much longer?)

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