And the winners are….

A good time was had by all at the Pi Day event at Copperfield’s Books yesterday.  We know you are anxious to know who the winners were.

First place for reciting pi was Matthew Helfond. He was off the charts at more than 500 digits!
matthew helfond

Second place for reciting was Kevin Cochrane at 83 digits.

second placeThird place recital was Chrispian Morris at 24 digits.

First Place Pi-Ku was Dale Leonneart with his fine poem 3.14:

pi kuNeverending pi
A good treat for tongue and mind
Mouthwatering math

Second place was Anne Metevier with pi(e)
pi ku

While you memorized
Forty-nine digits of pie,
I ate the last slice.

Third place was Maxwell Bennett-Wamble with Hungry for π

pi kuI am so hungry
I think I could eat four pies
Or three point one four

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