Happy Earth Day

Hey Everybody, it’s Earth Day and today we promise all of the ingredients in our pies are from the planet earth.
earth, home of pie

Of course, every day is Earth Day here. Please allow us a moment to toot our own eco-horn. We compost our food waste and recycle, have energy-efficient T8 fluorescents and LEDs and solar light tubes, support organic and local agriculture. This Earth Day, we should all consider new ways to lower our impact on the environment. There is always room for improvement

Speaking of the earth, it is going to be unseasonably hot today. Depending on where you look, the record temperature for this date in Petaluma was 81 degrees in 2009 and the normal high is 70. We will easily beat this record today with highs near 90. Bike, walk or use public transit if you can and come on over to Petaluma Pie for some ice cold beverages like Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade, iced tea or coffee or some pie with ice cream.

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