Friday is Pie Day May 31

loganberries make a fine pie


Well folks, that’s it, the week’s over, the month’s over and we are on into June. We still have apricot and cherries, nectarine with blackberry, peach and now we will start having boysenberries and loganberries. Both these berries are short season and both are variations on crosses between blackberries and raspberries. They each have their own unique flavor ans you can try them, but we recommend ordering ahead. Since these are precious and premium, they are slightly higher priced (like cherry) but worth it. Loganberries can’t be bought anywhere, due to their delicate nature (they can’t survive the trip to market) but we grow them and boysenberries used to be widely grown in California, but now most farms grow blackberries and raspberries.
It will be oh, so hot this weekend, so come on by for some cold brewed iced coffee, iced tea, strawberry rhubarb lemonade, soda pop and ice cream (with your delicious seasonal fruit pie). If it is too hot for you to cook, give us a call and we will cook a savory pie or two for you!

boysenberries for pie at petaluma pie


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