Friday is Pie Day June 28

Hey Everybody! It’s Friday again and June is almost over. It is going to be hot once again all weekend long. We will have hot pies and cold pies and ice cream and soda pop and home made beverages like iced tea, cold brewed iced coffee, strawberry rhubarb lemonade and more.  You can have pie a la mode or even iced coffee a la mode (delicious!). As usual, during the summer, we will be open until 9 Friday and Saturday and we will also be at the Friday night Occidental Farmers Market from 4 until dusk.

red, white and blue pie at petaluma pie company

Order your red white and blue pie for Independence Day

Getting ready for July 4th? Did you know that our founding fathers had no apple pie in 1776? Apples were way out of season and there were no refrigerators. This year cherry season was extra short here. So, just to manage expectations, we will have no apple or cherry pie for Independence Day (but we will be open). That being said, we have red white and blue berries. Well, we had white currants, a tiny handful, but whipped cream is white! We have red strawberries, raspberries and even some currants and BLUEBERRIES. That’s right folks, here in Northern California, blueberries are in season! Of course, all the blueberries (and all berries) we have are either certified organic or from “no-spray” farms.

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