Friday is Pie Day July 26th

Hey Everybody! It is Friday again, and that means more pie than ever for you! Come on down and enjoy some of our new flavors like Roast Pork and Rhubarb and we have brought Jamaican Beef Patties back. Gravenstein Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Nectarine Blackberry and so many other great sweet pies are waiting for you at Petaluma Pie!

Gracie Allen liked pie
Today is also the birthday of comedy icon, Gracie Allen,co-star with George Burns on the “Burns and Allen Show”. In addition to making pie from sponsor Carnation Evaporated milk, one early episode features the following, “In the second early episode, a teenaged friend of George and Gracie’s stays with them for the weekend. While helping young Emily with her Geometry homework, Gracie voices her concerns about the education system. Gracie is absolutely certain that “pie are round … not squared!””
gracie allen's secret ingredient for pie

And it is also the birthday of Mick Jagger, who is supposedly the subject of a verse towards the end of that endless song, “American Pie”. Mick Jagger is also a fan of Indian food and being English, must like pie. He should have our Curried Cauliflower and Chickpea pie!
mick jagger likes pie



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