Friday is Pie Day August 2nd

Wait! What happened? It’s Friday again already? And August, too?

nectarine blackberry pie at petaluma pie company, a bakery cafe in historic downtown petaluma, sonoma county, california

That’s right, folks, another month and another week has disappeared and the weekend is here. You know what else is here? Pie! Even though the days are getting shorter and fall is just around the corner, it is still summer and we still have summer fruit pies. Peaches and nectarines are getting extra delicious right now. Strawberries and rhubarb aren’t too bad either. There are still berries of most kinds and if you are feeling autumnal, Gravenstein apples are here. As always, if you are looking for that special pie, give us a call at 707-7MMM-PIE and place an order, or just take your chances on what we have on the shelf. Our full menu is here.

We are open until 9pm this Friday and Saturday and we will be at the Occidental Farmers Market from 4 to dusk.

Join us this Saturday for a musical interlude in Helen Putnam Plaza with our very special guest star, Amaya! The music begins at noon.

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