tomatoes at petaluma pie company, a bakery in sonoma county northern californiaWe have so many tomatoes, as often happens when you plant several varieties. So this week, besides just putting tomatoes on the salad, we will be rolling out some tomato-centric pies including:

French Tomato Pie. Not made with French Tomatoes, but based on a French Tomato Tart. Featuring a layer of mustard on the bottom and fresh herbs like thyme, tarragon and basil and paired with cheeses including Valley Ford Cheese’s Estero Gold (an Italian style cheese, but the pie’s still French, we say!)
French Tomato Pie at Petaluma Pie Company, a bakery, cafe in Sonoma County, Northern California. Pie is what is for lunch and dinner.
Tamale Pie! We have brought back Tamale Pie. The default position for this polenta, refried bean, olive and salsa pie is vegan and wheat free (we are not a gluten free facility) but if you call ahead we can make it with grass fed beef and if you just ask, we can melt some organic cheddar on top.
Tamale pie which is wheat free or gluten free and vegan at petaluma pie company, a bakery cafe in sonoma county northern california

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