After a nice few weeks of mild temperatures, it is hot again. But don’t let the heat scare you away from pie. We have cold drinks and ice cream and cool refreshing cream pies! And you can enjoy all this while enjoying the sounds of Amaya from noon to four on Saturday outside in Helen Putnam Plaza in the shade. If you prefer to wait for pie until it cools off, we are open until 9pm on Saturday (Sunday, we close at 6). If you prefer to eat pie inside of your air conditioned home or office, you can have it delivered by Petaluma Food Taxi. And of course, all pie is portable. You can grab something to go to the beach, river, bar-b-que or wherever you are off to today.

We still have Gravenstein apple pie, but not for much longer, maybe only another week or two and then on to the next apple.
remember the ala mode, ice cream on pie at petaluma pie company, a farm to table bakery cafe in sonoma county norther california

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