It is still summer!

triple berry pie at petaluma pie company, a farm to table bakery cafe in historic downtown petaluma, sonoma county, northern californiaThat’s right, folks, Labor Day is over but it is STILL SUMMER officially until the 22nd and it feels like it. It will be heating up around here this weekend and we have Straus organic ice cream and pie! But you don’t have to put ice cream on top of your pie, you could get iced coffee a la mode or a root beer float with your pie! And since it is still summer, we still have summer pies like triple berry, strawberry rhubarb, peach, nectarine blackberry and more. And since it is almost fall we have apple and maybe even pear ginger cardamom. And don’t forget our fine selection of home made cold beverages…

ice cold refreshing beverages at petaluma pie company

We will be at the Friday Occidental Farmers Market and next week we will be at the Heirloom Expo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa.

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