It’s Official!

Petaluma Pie Company is a certified Green Business!

We are now officially a “Green Business”. When we first looked into becoming a certified Sonoma County Green Business, nobody returned our emails or calls. That was because there was nobody staffing the program. Eventually we were contacted by the new Sonoma County Green Business Coordinator, Kevin Kumataka who was trying to find his way through the hundreds of applications and inquiries that had piled up. We thought we were already pretty green with our LED and high efficiency T8 fluorescent lighting, not to mention our solar light tubes and Energy Star appliances. We already recycled and composted, too.

After completing an extensive questionnaire and having Kevin visit our location, we identified some additional areas to improve, including installing low flow fixtures on our sinks and better signage for our garbage and recycling bins. The other day Kevin came by to present us with our fancy new certificate and window decals. It’s not easy being green, but we think it is worth it and it also saves money. By diverting waste from the landfill, we reduce our garbage costs. By installing low flow fixtures, we reduce our water, sewer and energy costs. By installing energy efficient appliances and lighting, we reduce our electric bill.

Petaluma Pie Company is now a Sonoma County Certified Green Business

Petaluma Pie is a Green Business in Sonoma County

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