Halloween Without Pie Would Be Scary!

spooky pumpkin pie at petaluma pie company

That’s right, Halloween is upon us and hungry ghosts and goblins need their pie! The undead need their pie! The pie-rates need their pie!…

If you need a pie for Halloween, just order it at our spooky online store or call us on our spooky telephone at 707-7MMM-PIE (766-6743). Need your pie delivered? Let the spooooky Petaluma Food Taxi spirit the pie to your home or office!

If you are coming to our haunted pie shop on Halloween, BEWARE! There will be HUNDREDS of scary little munchkins descending upon downtown for the Halloween Trick or Treat Trail through Downtown Petaluma Thursday October 31st, 3:00pm – 5:30pm. We will be providing hundreds of little treats to these children (under 12 years old).

Be there or be scared!

Cyclops pomegranate from Petaluma Pie Company

Rarrrr! I am the cyclops pomegranate and I will eat you up!

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