The Frisbee Pie Connection

Hey Everybody! It is the birthday of Walter Fredrick Morrison, the inventor of the flying disc known as the Frisbee. Read on…

Frisbie's Pie Truck 1920s

We have a customer whose last name is Frisbie. I finally asked him if he was related to Frisbee, the flying disc and he told be about Frisbie’s Pies founded William Russell Frisbie in Bridgeport Connecticut in 1871. Apparently, kids developed a game of throwing the pie tins and called it “Frisbie”. Or maybe it was students at Yale, or both.
Frisbie Pie Company tinMeanwhile, it the late 1940s and early 50’s man named Walter Fredrick Morrison (whose birthday was January 23, later to become National Pie Day) was busy inventing a flying disc toy called the “Pluto Platter”, with a UFO, Flying Saucer kind of theme. The toy was inspired by a popcorn tin lid and then by (gasp!) a cake pan! He was able to patent it and eventually sold it to Wham-O, makers of the Hula Hoop. Wham-O changed eventually changed the name to “Frisbee” (carefully changing the name to avoid trademark issues) after learning that college students in the northeast were calling Pluto Platters “Frisbies”.

Walter Frederick Morrison, inventor of the Frisbee

Walter Frederick Morrison, inventor of the Frisbee

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