Happy International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day everybody! And not only that, the whole month of March (in addition to being Pi Month) is Women’s History Month. So go to your local library or bookstore and grab some good books about historical women and read them with pie and coffee.

One response to “Happy International Women’s Day

  1. Go to Copperfield’s and write postcards to D.C. About the inhumanity of the immigration, health, and environmental actions coming out of the White House–about the gender inequality, racism, anti-semitism, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT/transgender actions that are supported by this administration–and get in their faces about following up on Russia undermining the integrity of this election! That honors all the brave women who have come before us and will follow us on International Women’s Day, a day that is being “observed” through bold action across the world.

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