Earth Day 2014

Attention Earth People!
It is Earth Day and all of our ingredients are sourced exclusively from this planet here. But seriously folks, take a moment to consider what you are doing for the Earth and, by extension, for yourself and your family. Despite reports that scientists may have discovered an earth “cousin”, this is the only planet we’ve got. Even though we have a chance of rain this week, we are in a major drought. The City of Petaluma has some resources to help you save water like replacing your toilet for a low flow model (they have really improved lately) or installing low flow faucets on your sinks and a low flow shower head in your bathroom. Maybe you can switch out some light bulbs for energy efficient LED lights. Are you recycling, composting, maybe getting rid of your lawn? If you can’t do something today, do it tomorrow. Every day should be Earth Day. And every day is a good day to eat pies made from local and organic ingredients at your local pie shop. Walk, bike or take the bus on down…

For more images of the Earth, visit NASA’s Visible Earth website.

image of the planet earth from above

Earth from above.

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