Friday is Pie Day May 23

summer hoursHey Everybody! It’s Friday again! Summer hours are here! We will be open late Friday and Saturday, until 9pm and we are open all weekend, as usual, even Monday.

Many of you are having a three day weekend, and with this summertime weather, you probably are going to be at a barbecue or picnic or some other festive gathering. It will be too hot to make your own pie, so that’s why we are here! We have berries, peaches, apricots, rhubarb and more! Want to be sure you get the pie you want? Call the shop 707-7MMM-PIE (766-6743) or order online!

Wandering around downtown? We have our fine selection of savory pies and cold beverages like Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade and Cold Brewed Iced Coffee and ice cream, too (not to mention PIE).

While enjoying the “first weekend of summer”, let us not  forget that this holiday weekend is for Memorial Day, when we remember those who died while in the military. As always, we offer a military discount, just let us know at the counter.

Boysenberries have notes of plum and wine.

Boysenberries have notes of plum and wine.


Loganberries scream BERRY!

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