Did we mention Gravensteins?

gravenstein applesHey Everybody, it is August already! You may not have noticed but we have had organic Gravenstein apples from Marshall Ranch in Sebastopol for about a week. The Gravenstein season is only about a month long and then we switch to the next variety because while they are delicious, Gravensteins are not good storage apples. If you really want to celebrate the season, check out the Gravenstein Apple Fair next weekend in Sebastopol. We won’t be there but it is sure to be fun.

In other pie news, the peaches and nectarines are really super delicious right now, we have elderberries and blackberries and blueberries galore! Don’t forget about strawberry rhubarb and all the cream pies and savory pies. While it is cooling off slightly, it never hurts to add some organic Straus vanilla ice cream to your pie (well maybe not cheeseburger pie…).

We are open Sunday until 6, Monday through Thursday till 7 and Friday and Saturday until 9 (during the summer). Come on down!

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