It’s Pawpaw season

Hey Everybody, Happy Friday!


What is this funny fruit that looks like a small mango and has a row of seeds in the middle? It is soft and custardy and you can eat it with a spoon. It is fragrant and smells and tastes kind of like a banana crossed with a mango. It is a pawpaw! The pawpaw is the largest edible fruit native to North America. According to the Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program, “Pawpaws grow wild over a wide range of latitude, from the Gulf Coastal plain to southern Michigan”. You don’t see it offered commercially because it doesn’t store or ship well. So why am I talking about it? We have grown some here in Petaluma! We don’t have enough to make a bunch of pie with, but we do have enough to offer a few tastes to curious people.

If you are interested in trying this unusual fruit, please fill out this form and we will try to accommodate you.





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