Barley in the news!

mushroom barley soup at Petaluma Pie CompanyThat’s right, everybody, a new report says that barley was important in enabling people to settle on the inhospitable Tibetan Plateau. Prior to the introduction of barley from west of Tibet, most people relied on millet, which could not survive the higher elevations, but the introduction of cold hardy crops like barley allowed people to move from 5,600 feet to 11,000 feet above sea level about 5200 years ago.

Well, it is certainly not as cold as the Tibetan Plateau here in Petaluma at a mere 30 feet above sea level, but we have mushroom barley soup to warm you up this weekend.

And speaking of barley, there’s barely any time left to place your order for Thanksgiving pies! That’s right, folks, we are not taking any more orders after 7pm Sunday November 23. You can order your pies securely and easily online and schedule a time to pick it up the day before Thanksgiving.

We are open the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday November 26 until 5pm. We will be closed on Thanksgiving and will open again on Friday for our regular hours.

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