Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. His holiday is celebrated on the Monday following his birthday (January 19th this year). While we are closed on his birthday, Petaluma Pie Company will be celebrating his birthday all weekend long. Besides being an organizer and orator, he was also a big eater. He was fortunate to have so many people who wanted to invite him over for dinner. Some accounts put pecan as his favorite pie, others say sweet potato. This weekend we will be offering Pecan and Sweet Potato, as we often do, but this time we have a new pie for those of you who cannot decide between them. It is Sweet Potato with Brown Sugar Pecan Crumble. On Saturday, January 17th, we will have a free tasting from noon until we run out.

sweet potato brown sugar pecan pie at  Petaluma Pie Company

Sweet potato and pecan in one pie!

For more on Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement and food check out these other resources:

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The Civil Rights Movement Through the Lens of Food

Martin Luther King Jr. eating with his family, source unknown

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