Love and Presidents

We wuv our presidents and you, too!Hey Everyobody, it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend AND Presidents Day Weekend all in one! We all know there is nothing more romantic than pie, chocolate and a three day weekend. Today, Friday, we are continuing our celebration of National Pie Month with Joy of Almond Pie, a gluten free (we are not a gluten free facility) coconut crusted chocolate pie with whole almonds inside. On Saturday, turn up the Valentine’s Day heat with Chocolate Lava Pie, oooohhhh….chocolate lava…. On Sunday, your Fun Day, take a tropical vacation with a Banana Coconut Cream Pie. And on Monday, we French up Apple Pie with Calvados Apple Pie! So many pies, so little time! The weather is lovely and spring is in the air (even though it is supposed to be winter). Come on down, wander around, eat some pie! It’s very romantic.

Roses blooming in February?

Roses blooming in February?

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