Saturday is Pi Day!

Pi Day Pi Ku or Pi(e) Ku sign at Petaluma Pie Company 2015

That’s right, everybody, Saturday is 3-14-15. Not only is it Pi Day, it’s Super Pi Day, which occurs only once in a century! And of course, at Petaluma Pie, you don’t need to choose between soup or pie, you can have them both!

We will be holding our annual Pi(e) Ku poetry contest with prizes and everything.   Winners will be announced on 3-14 at 1:59 pm. Deadline to enter is noon. Read all about it and enter your poem online here or come into the store and put pen to paper.

We have been working furiously to make enough pie for everyone, but we expect to be quite busy. We hope you’ll understand if we run out of your favorite (if you didn’t order ahead).

With music, merriment and pi, there will be a good time all a – round!

Pi Pie at Petaluma Pie Company on 3-14-15

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