Butter! Eggs! Antiques! Pie! Action!

butter and eggs for pieNothing says “Petaluma” like Butter and Egg Days! Like we say every year, we are proud to use butter AND eggs from right here in Petaluma (unlike a certain other business that uses eggs from Iowa and says “Lovin’ is Local”).  This is a great weekend to ride your bike or walk downtown as many streets will be closed and parking will be tight. Fortunately, many of our pies are easy to eat while strolling through our quaint little town. The Butter and Egg festival and parade are on Saturday. The parade starts at noon and is right outside our door.

The Antique Faire is on Sunday from 8am to 4pm just up the stairs from our shop on Kentucky St. We will likely be cleaned out on Saturday, so you can be sure all the pies will be extra fresh on Sunday (no antique pies, folks) for your enjoyment).

Hey, check out these cool Lemon Meringue Cookies! The meringue is crunchy and the lemon “yolk” is sweet and tart, and what do you know? They are gluten free-ish (we are not a gluten free facility).
Lemon Meringue Egg Cookie at Petaluma Pie Company

Want to really show your home town pride? Pick up a Petaluma Cutie Pie T-shirt or coffee cup when you stop in for your pie!

Petaluma Cutie Pies love Petaluma Pie

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