Happy Year of the Monkey!

Hey Everybody! It is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese and Lunar Calendar! Kunghei fatchoy!

Once again we have a new pie tin based sculpture on display made by our very own artist in residence Shana! Born and raised in Petaluma, Shana has been at Petaluma Pie Company for four years and counting. Every year, she  brings to life our recycled pie tins by transforming them into animal shapes from Chinese zodiac signs. This year is the year of Monkey.

Why don’t you come in and celebrate with Banana Cream Pie?

Year of the Monkey at Petaluma Pie Company

Shana and her Monkey

And now a look back at animals of the zodiac made of pie tins:

Year of the Sheep at Petaluma Pie

Shana’s Sheep

Year of the Horse at Petaluma Pie

Shana and her Horse

Year of the Snake at Petaluma Pie

Shana’s Snake

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