We have winners!

PiKu contestThank you all for your outpouring of creativity! It was very difficult to pick a winner, but we did.
Congratulations to Ami & Len!
You win the grand prize of a gift card for $31.41 for your touching poem:
Pecan Pie for Dad
He lays healing far away 
Each bite; remember 
We are also awarding a second grand prize to the Class of Springhill Montessori for learning about pi and pie and writing a haiku, all in one day! Thank you Nicole, for bringing them all in.
There are 16 excellent entries, so we will post them in the shop.

Runners up win an eat π coffee cup:
Hot pie steaming nice 
I will eat a little slice
You can’t have a bite
Maggie Stader-Oesting 
(This is a sentiment we hear among our customers all of the time.)
Hark! The timer dings! 
Hot, crispy pie emerges.
Hangry beasts,  be fed. 
Amy and Samantha 
(Great use of the word “Hark!” and “Hangry”.)
Honorable mentions get pie themed buttons:
Pandas Love Pie Too 
Bamboo Pie is their First Choice 
But Any Will Do
Rachel Pasco 
(Because how can you not like pandas.)
Oh, politicians! 
No substance in cream puff 
Today: I vote pie 
Francesco Preston

(Tapping into the zeitgeist of our time.)

Endless signs of spring 
All shades of green presenting 
Matcha cream tempting
(A celebration of season nods to the Japanese origins of Haiku.)
Thank you I’ll take three
Two for me, Em will have one
Sharing, what’s pie for? 
Andrew Norton 
(Clever integration of three, one, four and pie.)
Some say Pizza counts 
But I don’t Really Think So
Apple Purist Here
Eric Ritz
(You tell them, Eric! Eat Pie Not Pizza!)
I will get a tie –
Once again on fathers day 
I would prefer pie 
Tom Wilson
(We agree. Pies not ties!)

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