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Pumpkin Vs. Sweet Potato

Pumpkin Vs. Sweet Potato blind taste test at Petaluma Pie Company
Hey Everybody, it is time for our fourth annual Pumpkin Vs. Sweet Potato Blind Taste Test Smackdown Extravaganza EVENT! Two pies walk in, only one pie walks out! This time it’s personal!
This Saturday, October 24th from 12 to 3 (or until we run out). Did we mention it’s FREE?!?!?!?!
Stay tuned or check out the calendar on our website for other sampling and tasting opportunities!

Halloween Without Pie Would Be Scary!

halloween pumpkin pies in petalumaBoo! It’s Halloween and we are busy getting ready for the scary mob of trick or treaters coming to Downtown for the Trick or Treat Trail. We have made little cookies for little people and extra pumpkin pie and it looks like the rain will clear up in the afternoon for the Trick or Treat Trail.

Today is also the last day of the Occidental Farmers Market where they will be having their 10th Annual Harvest Market Festival.

We are open until 9! If you need something special or particular for your Halloween Festivities, call us at 707-766-6743 or 7-MMM-PIE to make sure we can have it for you!

Tomorrow, Saturday November 1st, we will be having another Holiday Pie Tasting, where you can try our Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie from noon to three or until we run out.

Halloween Without Pie Would Be Scary!

spooky pumpkin pie at petaluma pie company

That’s right, Halloween is upon us and hungry ghosts and goblins need their pie! The undead need their pie! The pie-rates need their pie!…

If you need a pie for Halloween, just order it at our spooky online store or call us on our spooky telephone at 707-7MMM-PIE (766-6743). Need your pie delivered? Let the spooooky Petaluma Food Taxi spirit the pie to your home or office!

If you are coming to our haunted pie shop on Halloween, BEWARE! There will be HUNDREDS of scary little munchkins descending upon downtown for the Halloween Trick or Treat Trail through Downtown Petaluma Thursday October 31st, 3:00pm – 5:30pm. We will be providing hundreds of little treats to these children (under 12 years old).

Be there or be scared!

Cyclops pomegranate from Petaluma Pie Company

Rarrrr! I am the cyclops pomegranate and I will eat you up!

Last Weekend-Friday = Pie Day!

Hi Everybody! It’s Friday, which is Pie Day!
It’s the last weekend of the Occidental Farmers Market this Friday and they are putting on a big party with a cakewalk (I know) and everything! We will be there (and in our shop) hope you will, too!

It is also the last weekend we will have our “summer hours” and be open until 9 on Fridays and Saturdays. Next week it goes back to 7 pm “winter hours”.
We may be winding down Strawberry Rhubarb pie soon, so you’d better get your fill!

But it is not the last weekend for pie. Next weekend starts our weekly holiday pie tasting schedule!

Harvest Days!!!

Hey Everybody! Petaluma Harvest Days are happening this week! The gang at Petaluma Pie has put together some scarecrows to keep the birds off of our pies. There will be events going on around town from Thursday through Sunday. This Saturday from 1-4 (or until we run out) we will be having a holiday pie tasting featuring pumpkin vs. sweet potato blind taste test, guess the weight of the pie and more! A good time to be had by all!
Don't be chicken, it's just scarecrows at Petaluma Pie Company, a farm to table bakery cafe in Sonoma County, Northern California.