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Closed for maintenance

Hi Everyone,

Just a note to say we will be closed Tuesday January 3rd and Wednesday January 4th for maintenance. We will re-open for our regular hours starting Thursday January 5th.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver in 1906 courtesy of Library of Congress

George Washington Carver in 1906 courtesy of Library of Congress

Hello Everybody! Today, January 5th is the anniversary of the death of George Washington Carver in 1943. Since he was born into slavery, we do not know his birth date. Carver was a famous botanist, chemist and inventor who came up with many new uses for the sweet potato, peanut and soybean. His life story is remarkable and so much has been written about him and we encourage you to look it up and read for yourself.

Today we have a Sweet Potato and Peanut soup in his honor, as well as our Sweet Potato Pie. Come on in and warm yourself up!

Friday is Pie Day January 30th

pies from petaluma pie companyJanuary is just about over. How did that happen? Well if you missed the official Pie Day last Friday, have no fear, it is Friday again which is always Pie Day because it rhymes. As we do every day, we have pies in many shapes, sizes and flavors for you. We are open from 9-9 on Friday and Saturday.

This Sunday is the first day of February, which is also National Pie Month and this year, we are making a new limited edition pie EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH. That’s right, 28 new pies for you!

We hope you are taking advantage of this nice weather (even though we really would like some more rain please!). It is going to be sunny and warm all weekend, so come downtown, wander around, eat some pie.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. His holiday is celebrated on the Monday following his birthday (January 19th this year). While we are closed on his birthday, Petaluma Pie Company will be celebrating his birthday all weekend long. Besides being an organizer and orator, he was also a big eater. He was fortunate to have so many people who wanted to invite him over for dinner. Some accounts put pecan as his favorite pie, others say sweet potato. This weekend we will be offering Pecan and Sweet Potato, as we often do, but this time we have a new pie for those of you who cannot decide between them. It is Sweet Potato with Brown Sugar Pecan Crumble. On Saturday, January 17th, we will have a free tasting from noon until we run out.

sweet potato brown sugar pecan pie at  Petaluma Pie Company

Sweet potato and pecan in one pie!

For more on Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement and food check out these other resources:

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Remembering a Soul Food Legend Who Nurtured Civil Rights Leaders

The Civil Rights Movement Through the Lens of Food

Martin Luther King Jr. eating with his family, source unknown

Friday is pie day January 9th

Hey Everybody, it’s Friday again! That means we have pie for you until 9pm! If you missed it, yesterday was Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday. If you want to celebrate, come on in for our Elvis Pie, peanut butter banana and chocolate (the bacon part is hard for most people to handle so we leave it off). If you are looking for something different, we are having another pie tasting on Saturday from noon until we run out. If you have been afraid to try that green pie, now is your chance to try it for free. That’s right, we are sampling our Matcha Green Tea Cream Pie!
match green tea cream pie at petaluma pie company

As usual, we have hot and warm foods and beverages for you all day long.

Next week we will be closed for our short winter break from Tuesday January 13th through Thursday January 15th. We will reopen on Friday January 16th.

New Year, New Hours

Petaluma Pie Company in downtown Petaluma, CaliforniaHello Everybody! Now that the holidays are over and we prepare for a sleepier January, we are switching to “winter hours”. We will still be open more hours than we used to be in the old days, but slightly fewer hours than we recently have been. The new hours start today and are as follows:

Monday through Thursday 9-8

Friday and Saturday 9-9

Sunday 9-7

In other hours related news, we will be taking a very short break next week. We will be closed from Tuesday January 13th through Thursday January 15th. We will reopen with our new regular hours on Friday January 16th.

As usual, we have hot and warm foods and beverages for you to take the chill off with. Come on in!


Tangerine Dream Supreme

Creamy Tangerine Dream Supreme at Petaluma Pie CompanyHey Everybody! It’s Saturday and the year is new! In China and Japan, it is considered to be good luck to eat tangerines, mandarins and other citrus during the new year. We have a creamy Tangerine Dream Supreme pie we’d like to share with you. It is actually made from Mandarins (grown here in Petaluma by us) but Mandarins are closely related to Tangerines and are often sold as Tangerines and are quite delicious. This Saturday from noon to 3 (or until we run out) we will be sampling our Tangerine Dream Supreme pie which tastes like a Creamsicle, only real and in a pie.

Also, it looks like another clear and cold (for Petaluma) day. Just a friendly reminder that we have hot savory pies, soup, hot chocolate, hot cider, hot tea and more for you! We will be open until 9 on Saturday!

Petaluma Pie grown Mandarin Oranges