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Where did the time go?

pumpkin pieI blinked and half of November is just about over! That’s right, folks, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! We have already been getting orders in and this is just a friendly reminder that Sunday November 19th will be the LAST DAY to place your order for pickup on Wednesday November 22nd. On Wednesday the 22nd we will be open from 9am to 4pm. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but open Friday the 24th.

Place your order online at https://www.petalumapies.com/ or come into the shop or call us at 707-766-6743 (707-7mmm-PIE).

Deadline Extended

Hi Everybody,

Were you nice and prompt about getting your order in or have you been naughty, waiting until the very last minute to order pie for Christmas Eve? Well, we checked our list twice and decided it is OK to extend the deadline until Tuesday December 22nd. After Tuesday, we really need to put our foot down and stop taking orders and put our shoulder to the grindstone and make pies. Of course if you are not able to place an order, you can try your luck on Thursday (we will be open 9-4) and see what extra pies we made.

We are closed Christmas Day, but will be open the next day for you.

You can call us at 707-7mmm-PIE, but it really makes life easier for us if you order online at www.petalumapies.com. Online ordering will be be turned off at the end of the day Tuesday.

Santa Claus Statue at Petaluma Pie Company

Ho ho ho, I need some pie, too, you know!

Holiday Pies

brandy mincemeat pie at Petaluma Pie CompanyHey Everybody, I know it was just Thanksgiving, but did you realize that there are fewer than three weeks before Christmas? And since we stop taking orders on December 22nd that means there’s really less than 2 weeks to order your pies for Christmas or the very beginning of Kwanzaa.

Whether you want to hurry up and order pies for the remainder of Chanukah, get your Christmas or Kwanzaa order in on time or just order for your holiday party, it is as easy as going online to www.petalumapies.com.

Get your pie for the Fourth of July!

Strawberry Rhubarb PieDeclare Independence from cake (who eats cake on Independence Day anyway?)! Yes, WE ARE OPEN July 4th, but only until 5pm. We expect to be very busy, so if you NEED pie, please order ahead online, in the shop or on the phone 707-7mmm-PIE.

It’s Almost New Year’s Eve!

New Year Resolution Eat More PieHey Everybody, we hope you had a great holiday season. We’ve got just one more big holiday to go, New Year’s Eve! It looks like we have a little break from the rainy weather and it is clear and cold(ish). We are open every day this week with hot food and beverages for you and festive sweet pies. New Year’s Eve we will close early at 5 so our staff can go home, wash off the flour  and get ready to party. On January 1st, those of us who are too boring to party will be here for you with fresh pie when you eventually wake up. We will be open from 11-5 on New Year’s Day. Not only that, we will have red bean and mochi pie for you! As usual, you can order your New Year’s Eve pies online, in the shop or on the phone at 707-766-6743 (7mm-PIE)

Come and try some pie!

santaHey Everybody, it’s the last weekend before Christmas and we are having our last pie tasting before Christmas on Saturday from noon to three (or until we run out). This time it’s Apple Pecan Crumble! If the weather cooperates, we will also have Sheri Mignano and her accordion playing holiday music. And we are open until 9 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday.

Sunday is the Winter Solstice! You will probably need pie for your Yule celebrations. After Sunday, the days will get just a little bit longer and before you know it, it’ll be spring already!

And just a friendly reminder, Sunday is the deadline for ordering your Christmas pies, but we will have extra pies made to get on Christmas eve when we will be open fro 9 to 5.

Barley in the news!

mushroom barley soup at Petaluma Pie CompanyThat’s right, everybody, a new report says that barley was important in enabling people to settle on the inhospitable Tibetan Plateau. Prior to the introduction of barley from west of Tibet, most people relied on millet, which could not survive the higher elevations, but the introduction of cold hardy crops like barley allowed people to move from 5,600 feet to 11,000 feet above sea level about 5200 years ago.

Well, it is certainly not as cold as the Tibetan Plateau here in Petaluma at a mere 30 feet above sea level, but we have mushroom barley soup to warm you up this weekend.

And speaking of barley, there’s barely any time left to place your order for Thanksgiving pies! That’s right, folks, we are not taking any more orders after 7pm Sunday November 23. You can order your pies securely and easily online and schedule a time to pick it up the day before Thanksgiving.

We are open the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday November 26 until 5pm. We will be closed on Thanksgiving and will open again on Friday for our regular hours.