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Soup’s On!

Heirloom Squash Soup at Petaluma Pie


It’s time for soup and we are making soup for you! Today’s soup is an Heirloom Winter Squash Soup featuring Shishigatani Kabocha, which originates in Kyoto, Japan (but was grown in Petaluma) and Musquee De Provence¬†pumpkin. So come on in and take the chill off with soup and pie!

It is also just one week from the deadline to order pies to pick up on Christmas Eve. That’s right, the deadline is Sunday December 22nd! And then it will be luck of the draw (we will make some extra pies, but you won’t be able to guarantee your flavor if you don’t pre-order). We will close at 5pm on Christmas Eve, December 24th and we will be closed on the 25th.

Musquee De Provence

First off, it is so cold, but it is bright and sunny out and we have hot apple cider, hot chocolate, hot coffee and hot tea, as well as plenty of hot savory pies for you including Collard Greens with Bacon and Black Eyed Peas. So get out of the house, you’ll feel better (especially once you’ve had pie)!

This year we grew a new pumpkin (actually, an old pumpkin, Musquee De Provence), from seeds we picked up at the seed bank on the corner, Baker Creek Seed Company. We only got a few of them and the biggest, heaviest one grew right into the wire fence we used to support it. So when it came time to harvest it, we had to use it right away.
musquee de provence at petaluma pie garden

This is one huge and heavy pumpkin (we forgot to weigh it, but it was heavy). We cut it into chunks and roasted it 2 ways, sweet and savory.
musquee de provence at petaluma pie

Today, we have the sweet. Chunks of Musquee De Provence pumpkin roasted with brown sugar cinammon and butter mixed with cranberries and topped with a pecan crumble! This is a limited edition pie and it is very delicious. Get it while you can!
Roasted Pumpkin and Cranberry with Pecan Crumble