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Severe Weather Alert!

atmospheric riverHey Everybody, The Bay Area division of the the National Weather Service is warning that a significant storm is headed to the area. Light rain is expected to begin Saturday. That means you need to stock up on pie! We have take and bake savory pies available as well as sweet pies. Make sure you have enough pies for 3 days!

Also, make sure you have batteries, flashlights, sandbags, and be safe!

Spring has sprung!

quince flowers from Petaluma Pie Company

Pies of the future. Quince is in full bloom right now.

Hi Everybody, we are just about recovered from last week’s Super Pi Day extravaganza. We expected it to be busy, but not THAT busy! Thanks again!
It has been feeling like spring for quite a while now, but today, Friday (always pie day) March 20th is the Spring Equinox! For your added enjoyment there will also be a solar eclipse (not visible from here, though) and a SUPER MOON. Looks like the weather is going to be nice and spring like (no rain, though), so come on down and celebrate spring with pie! We are open until 9 on Friday and Saturday.

Friday is Pie Day February 6th

French Chocolate Silk Pie at Petaluma Pie CompanyHey Everybody, it’s Friday again and today is the birthday of Ronald Reagan, Bob Marley, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Rip Torn. It is also still February, which is still National Pie Month, which means we are rolling out a special NEW PIE EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH.
Even though it is may be rainy and windy, you will still want to come down and get some hot pie and hot chocolate or hot tea or hot coffee… and try one of our fancy new pies. Just be safe out there!

Friday: French Chocolate Silk
Saturday: Black Forest
Sunday: Piña Colada
Monday: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
and so on…

Friday is Pie Day January 30th

pies from petaluma pie companyJanuary is just about over. How did that happen? Well if you missed the official Pie Day last Friday, have no fear, it is Friday again which is always Pie Day because it rhymes. As we do every day, we have pies in many shapes, sizes and flavors for you. We are open from 9-9 on Friday and Saturday.

This Sunday is the first day of February, which is also National Pie Month and this year, we are making a new limited edition pie EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH. That’s right, 28 new pies for you!

We hope you are taking advantage of this nice weather (even though we really would like some more rain please!). It is going to be sunny and warm all weekend, so come downtown, wander around, eat some pie.

‘Tis the season…

brandy mincemeat pie

Brandy Mince Pie

Hey Everybody! Where has the time gone? Chanukah starts Tuesday night, the Winter Solstice is Sunday and Christmas is NEXT THURSDAY. While we don’t really have a deadline to order Chanukah or Solstice pies, we do get slammed for Christmas, so just like Thanksgiving, you must get your order in by the end of the day this Sunday December 21st to pick up Wednesday December 24th before 5pm. You can place your order online, on the phone or in the store. Online orders are best for us as they keep the phone and our staff from getting tied up as we get ready for this busy time. If you need to call it in, our number is 707-766-6743 (7mmm-PIE).

Meanwhile we continue to get much needed rain but don’t let that scare you away from coming downtown. While you are doing your holiday shopping, stop in and warm up with some nice Mushroom Barley Soup and a hot pie with some hot mulled apple cider, hot tea, hot chocolate or hot coffee. Don’t want to leave Petaluma Pie? Do your holiday shopping inside our store! We have fancy chocolate, candles, t-shirts, coffee cups, jewelry, Petaluma Pie gift cards and more! We are hosting a COTS Giving Tree in our shop as well. The tree is decorated with ornaments showing specific gift requests from COTS clients who need a little extra help this holiday season. Choose one and donate a gift.
Ornaments on the COTS Tree

Barley in the news!

mushroom barley soup at Petaluma Pie CompanyThat’s right, everybody, a new report says that barley was important in enabling people to settle on the inhospitable Tibetan Plateau. Prior to the introduction of barley from west of Tibet, most people relied on millet, which could not survive the higher elevations, but the introduction of cold hardy crops like barley allowed people to move from 5,600 feet to 11,000 feet above sea level about 5200 years ago.

Well, it is certainly not as cold as the Tibetan Plateau here in Petaluma at a mere 30 feet above sea level, but we have mushroom barley soup to warm you up this weekend.

And speaking of barley, there’s barely any time left to place your order for Thanksgiving pies! That’s right, folks, we are not taking any more orders after 7pm Sunday November 23. You can order your pies securely and easily online and schedule a time to pick it up the day before Thanksgiving.

We are open the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday November 26 until 5pm. We will be closed on Thanksgiving and will open again on Friday for our regular hours.

It’s heating up

weather reportOver the next few days it will be unseasonably hot for our town for this time of year. While we will have plenty of hot savory pies and cold salad, we also have nice cold ones, like chocolate cream, banana cream and more. Or if you are feeling fruity, try an Apricot, Apple or Strawberry Rhubarb pie topped with some ice cold Straus organic vanilla ice cream. Just thirsty? We’ve got cold soda , house made iced teas, cold brewed iced coffee and our famous Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade is back!

You can enjoy all this and more sitting outside in the shade in Helen Putnam Plaza!
strawberry rhubarb lemonade