Winner Winner Pie For Dinner

Hey Everybody,

We had a record number of entries this year so it was hard to choose, but we now have WINNERS in our annual Pi(e)Ku poetry contest!

First Prize:
This poem captures ethos of haiku – fleeting moment, sadness.

still warm from the tree
in the embrace of a slice
nothing left over

John Bertucci

Second Prize (two winners):
This poem has one a second prize in our Pi(e)ku contest. It captures the zeitgeist of our times, a spirit of resistance and power to the people. Make pie not war!

Joe Hill sang it best.
There is no pie in the sky.
So let’s eat it now!

Christopher Faiss

Another second prize!
This poem expertly combines pi and pie into a delicious haiku.

Radius and pi,
Circle area to find,
Sans a slice for me!

Rene Foppe

Third prize (three winners):

March! Three! Point! One! Four!
–   I could go on forever –
Let’s have pie instead

Ted MacConaghy

Apple pie, Damn fine.
Gone in three-point-one-four bites
Absolute Delight.

Maggie Stader Oesting

Many moons ago,
Filling married gentle Crust
And sweet Pie was born!

Yemilee Alvarey

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