Father wants pies, not ties!

father wants to eat pieThat’s right, everybody, Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday June 18th! Who needs another tie? Not Father, he wants pie! Place your order to make sure you get the pie he wants or come in and see what we have! We are open from 9am to 7pm on Sunday, so you can bring him in for lunch and dessert.

Memorial Day Weekend Hours

Just a note to say we will be open all weekend, including Monday with modified hours. Friday May 26th 9-7, Saturday May 27th 9-7, Sunday May 28th 9-7, Monday May 29th 9-5.


Hey Wow OMG, Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday May 14th! We all know that Mother wants PIE for her day. As always, you can order ahead online or in the shop or you can just bring her in on Sunday for a treat.

Butter and Egg Days and Antique Faire are Coming!

butter-and-eggsHey Everybody! It is that busiest time of the year when our downtown fills up with people. On Saturday it’s the Butter and Egg Parade and on Sunday it is the spring Antique Faire. This year’s Butter and Egg theme is “Petaluma – City of Makers!” and boy are we making! We will be making and baking sweet and savory pies for you made with Petaluma butter and Petaluma eggs!

It is hard to get downtown in a car, so Petaluma Transit is offering FREE BUS RIDES on Saturday.  Take the bus, walk or ride your bike and avoid frustration so you can enjoy the parade.

Easter and Passover are coming!

Hey Everybody,

Passover and Easter are just around the corner. People are already starting to place their orders. If you want to ensure you get that special pie, please place your order ahead on our website, on the phone 707-766-6743 (7mmm-Pie) or in the shop!


Pi Day is Coming!

Wowie Zowie, Everybody, Pi Day is just around the corner! That’s right, this coming Tuesday, 3-14, is our annual celebration of the infinite and irrational mathematical constant and ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, Pi.

Enter our Pi-Ku contest online http://www.petalumapiecompany.com/pi-day/ or in the store. The deadline in 3:14 pm on March 14th.

Also, if you need pie for your Pi Day celebration (which you probably do need) PLEASE pre-order. We get extremely busy on Pi Day and want to make sure everyone can get a pie. You can order online or in the shop.

Getting Married?


pie in the face

A new tradition? Photo by Sonya Yruel Photography 

If you are getting married this year, congratulations! If you need pie for your wedding, you’d better start planning now. Pretty much as soon as the new year started, we have been getting a huge influx of wedding inquiries. We can only do so many each weekend, so you’ll want to stake a claim as soon as you can.

Where to begin? It’s easy, just go to our website and fill out our handy Event Inquiry form and we will get in touch with you to answer all of your wedding pie questions.