Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day and you may have the day off. You may be having a barbecue or taking a hike and you may be remembering someone who died in a war. These days, fewer and fewer of us have been touched by war, even though we have been engaged in war for more than a decade now. Since the draft was ended in 1973, we have had what is called an “all volunteer military”, which effectively means that only about 1% of the population sees combat. Maybe you have known people who died at war and maybe you don’t. Either way, take a moment between the barbecue, the pie and the Memorial Day sales to remember.

If you do need pie, we are open our regular hours from 9-8 today.

Barks and Brews for the Petaluma Animal Shelter

Petaluma Pie Company is proud to support Barks and Brews for the Petaluma Animal Shelter on Tuesday, May 19th from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Lagunitas Brewing Company (1280 North McDowell Boulevard).

For more information and to buy your tickets, go to

Petaluma Pie Dogs

All of our pie pets are rescues. From the top down, the white dog, Ana, is from the Petaluma Animal Shelter, Sonya is from Noah’s Bark and Lili is from Sonoma County Animal Services. Our cat, Fabio is also from the Petaluma Animal Shelter!


Mother Wants Pie!

Get Mom a Petaluma Pie for Mother's DayHey Everybody, did you know it is going to be Mother’s Day this Sunday! If Mother is tired of flowers, try pie! In order to ensure that you can get the pie she wants, we encourage you to order ahead online, in the shop or on the phone at 707-7mmm-PIE. We have so many great new fruits that Mom is sure to love, including cherries, strawberries and rhubarb, triple berry, apricots and raspberries. Of course, there are the classic cream pie favorites like Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Cream and Banana Cream. If you want to take Mom out for a nice meal or snack, just drop on in! We will be open from 9 to 7. If you want to reserve a chicken pot pie or whatever it is she wants, call ahead as we might run out.

Friday Pie Day May Day!

May Day Pie aka Derby Pie

May Day Pie!

Whether you are a Kentucky Derby Enthusiast, Pagan, Worker of the World, Medieval dance enthusiast, immigrant rights activist, boater lost at sea, or person who likes flowers and springtime, May 1st is a great time to get out, enjoy the weather (dance around a Maypole?) and eat pie.

May Day Pie is another name for the trademarked Derby Pie, which is a chocolate bourbon and pecan pie, or as we call it, “Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie”. Today, however, we can call it May Day Pie. You can have it with whipped cream, with ice cream or “neat” (as-is). If that feels a little too wintery to you, we are enjoying the fruits of spring right now with apricots, raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb. So come on and get some pie for your May Day activities.

Butter! Eggs! Antiques! Pie! Action!

butter and eggs for pieNothing says “Petaluma” like Butter and Egg Days! Like we say every year, we are proud to use butter AND eggs from right here in Petaluma (unlike a certain other business that uses eggs from Iowa and says “Lovin’ is Local”).  This is a great weekend to ride your bike or walk downtown as many streets will be closed and parking will be tight. Fortunately, many of our pies are easy to eat while strolling through our quaint little town. The Butter and Egg festival and parade are on Saturday. The parade starts at noon and is right outside our door.

The Antique Faire is on Sunday from 8am to 4pm just up the stairs from our shop on Kentucky St. We will likely be cleaned out on Saturday, so you can be sure all the pies will be extra fresh on Sunday (no antique pies, folks) for your enjoyment).

Hey, check out these cool Lemon Meringue Cookies! The meringue is crunchy and the lemon “yolk” is sweet and tart, and what do you know? They are gluten free-ish (we are not a gluten free facility).
Lemon Meringue Egg Cookie at Petaluma Pie Company

Want to really show your home town pride? Pick up a Petaluma Cutie Pie T-shirt or coffee cup when you stop in for your pie!

Petaluma Cutie Pies love Petaluma Pie

Friday is Pie Day April 10

organic strawberries at Petaluma Pie CompanyHey Everybody, it’s Friday again! Spring is still here and this time of year is all about strawberries, which are the only new fruit we have around at the moment. We have Strawberry Cream pie, which is much like our Banana Cream pie, our vanilla pastry cream with fresh organic fruit sliced up inside, topped with organic Straus whipped cream. If you are in a more wholesome, old fashioned mood, Strawberry Rhubarb (yes, we have rhubarb!) is the thing for you and – remember the à la mode! You can top it with a scoop of Straus organic vanilla ice cream!

As always, you can drop in and see what we have but if you really really want a pie of your own, your best bet is to order ahead on our website or call the shop at 707-7mmm-PIE (766-6743).

We are open until 9 on Friday and Saturday!

Happy Holidays!

So much happening this weekend. Happy Passover and Happy Easter everybody! We’ve got Matzo Ball Soup and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and so much more for you! If we are lucky, we may even get some rain! If you are up early on Saturday morning, check out the Total Lunar Eclipse! Yes, we are open on Easter Sunday. If you don’t have your pie already ordered, get it in soon, we’ll be very busy!
matzo ball souprhubarb in the garden of Petaluma Pie Company